Jacob Smart

Hi! Welcome to my website and the home of Primitive Movement.

Primitive Movement is a method designed to reconnect you to the earth and your body’s natural way of moving. Through the development of this practice we explore the possibilities of human movement including flight! We aim not only to work in the physical but also the mental looking into the ritual process of opening space and reconnecting to our selves, allowing our movement to heal and strengthen us from a holistic approach.

28688985674_8e4d22aa3f_bOur aims are to

. Enable
. Create
. Reconnect
. To move with our environment much like our primitive forefathers did.

At the heart of our practice is the idea to develop and heighten your creative consciousness, opening our eyes to see the environment around us for its full potential, to support our movement and creativity. By this we mean not only our body’s abilities to move freely over any terrain but also our mind’s abilities to allow us to move freely with out fear or doubt no matter the challenges we face.

“human beings invented the word “consciousness’ to describe their own particular sentence, but nature’s awareness is not exactly intelligence nor sentience, nor consciousness, nor awareness. it falls between all the worlds.’ 

Robert Bly- author of Iron John

Here is what has been said about previous workshops and classes:

” Jacob is a dynamic teacher, who somehow manages to get you to move in ways you didn’t expect. He combines different movements styles, dance and sports, and he draws from all of these is subtle ways so that you find your own way of moving and expressing yourself. His sessions are fun, invigorating, creative and powerful. I left his class feeling stronger and more inspired to go further the next time.”
Zia Alley, multi faith minister

“We are very grateful to Jacob for providing such a informative, fun and well planned session on our training course. The students loved his encouraging style of teaching and we can’t wait for him to join us again in the future.”
Dan Peppiatt founder of Yoga like water and master yoga instructor

” What an absolute joy it was to move in this way, Jacob re-lit the fire back in my heart, he opened the door and allowed me to enter into finding my passion for Dance inspired movement again, I left tingling from the inside out with enormous amounts of unleashed emotions that I’d closed away for far too long. Fully inspired and thankful for finding what burned inside me so bright. Jacob is a breath of fresh Air, I cannot wait to move and be free once more.”
Valerie Ann Yoga teacher